Five digital marketing lessons from comScore

Stephen Whiteside

Digital media promise to help brands reach consumers in uniquely personalised and engaging ways.

"But like anything in life," Gian Fulgoni – Chairman/Co-founder of comScore – suggested on a January 2016 Warc Webinar, "I think new technologies come with positives and negatives. And, as we've found in digital marketing, not everything that is claimed turns out to be 'as sold', if you will."

In helping his audience of marketers to "leverage digital marketing far beyond what you might have experienced to date", Fulgoni outlined five areas where current industry practices often fall short:

  • prioritising clicks;
  • balancing search and display;
  • understanding mobile;
  • targeting, viewabilty, brand safety and invalid traffic;
  • cross-platform measurement.

Prioritising Clicks