Campaign details

Brand: HSBC Global Asset Management
Client: HSBC
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

If the job of an account planner starts with empathy, how hard can we test ourselves? Can we feel empathy for Gordon Gekko and Billions' Bobby Axelrod?

Can we get inside the souls of the most powerful global investors who move tens of billions with the touch of a finger, and find a way into the feelings lurking beneath their confident exterior?

And if we do that, can we turn it into an effective, interesting and, dare I say beautiful, campaign?

This paper will show you how, using the power of empathy, we turned the Asset Management arm of HSBC into what the Financial Times defined as a "rising star" in the category.

It all started with a brief that didn't scream "award winning": increase salience of HSBC AMG among C&I to grow AUM.