Why it matters

Great work comes from a great agency, a great client and a great relationship. The relationship starts with the selection process. While traditional approaches work very well in some cases, the cost and issues with the process itself warrant a re-evaluation of how marketers go about selecting agencies.


  • Before searching for an agency, a marketer must ensure internal alignment on objectives and the agencies best qualified to meet those objectives, as well as the selection approach.
  • Marketers should be transparent and honest with agencies about marketing budgets as a measure of the size and scope of the “prize” they are competing for, as well as letting them know what other agencies are competing. This sets the tone for a relationship based on trust and honesty, and enables the agencies to make well-informed decisions about whether the pitch is one they should participate in.
  • The best marketers get the best work – and it starts with how they handle the review process.

Where to start