Brands are competing hard for customers’ attention in an omni-channel world with more consumer touchpoints than ever before. To that end, how brands think about customer experience (CX) is changing; it has to be a strategic priority for businesses, considered an investment and not a cost and championed by marketers with true customer-centricity. Delivering positive customer experience is a way for brands to build and stand out in an age of stagnant sales growth and product commoditisation.


Customer experience (CX) is the complete set of connections and interactions that a customer has with a brand both online and offline via a multitude of touchpoints. Online touchpoints include video views, mobile and desktop content consumption, social media, e-commerce transactions, chatbots and connected IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Offline touchpoints include in-store, in-branch, outdoor and experiential advertising, and sampling. All of these interactions influence the way in which the customer perceives the brand.

Key insights

1. The idea of brand experience is a response to the focus on customer experience