Audio and radio audiences have changed significantly over recent years as technological developments have opened up new access points for consumers, such as podcasts, digital radio and streaming via different digital platforms.

Live radio remains the leading audio format, despite increased competition for ‘Share of Ear’. Radio has maintained its relevance by embracing new technologies and becoming a purveyor of audio content, so is evolving to enhance consumers’ changing needs in terms of both content and how it is accessed.

Streaming is rapidly increasing in popularity and has changed the entire audio landscape. Including music streaming sites on a schedule alongside radio can add incremental reach by engaging with wider audiences. This suggests that broadcast radio plays a complementary role in the digital audio sector.

Accurately measuring the changing face of audio and radio audiences is a major challenge, and positive steps are being taken to address this. There have been a number of different innovative techniques developed to measure audio audiences, but there is a lack of consistency in their approach.