Campaign details

Advertiser: Kingo Energy
Brand: Kingo Energy
Agency: Ogilvy Guatemala City, Central America
Country: Guatemala


  1. Commercial objectives
    1. USD$15MM in investment capital by 2019.
    2. 200% sales increase in three years.
    3. 10% market share in off-grid populations in Guatemala by 2019.
  2. Marketing objectives
    1. Increase in number of Kingo households and thus number of people impacted.
    2. Positive impact in lives of users, as measured by productivity, connectivity, financial savings and/or other.
    3. Positive impact for the planet, as measured by CO2 emission reductions.
  3. Communications objectives
    1. Awareness for Kingo, as measured by PR coverage.
    2. Positive ROMI for different marketing activities.
    3. Actual change in behaviors regarding energy usage.

Creative work