Campaign details

Brand: TD Ameritrade
Lead Agency: Havas New York
Region: North America


TD Ameritrade's heritage is an online discount brokerage, with its roots firmly embedded in trading. We have the #1 trading platform, which was built by traders for traders--more trades are conducted through TD Ameritrade than any other online brokerage. On the other hand, TD Ameritrade is not readily thought of as a brokerage for long-term investing. Fidelity and Vanguard together hold the lion's share of employee-offered 401(k) plans, the most common long-term investing vehicle. As a result, when people start to think about more robust goal planning they gravitate toward these two familiar companies, which may already hold their 401(k).

We partnered with IBM Watson Advertising in order to use display in a new and interactive way to demonstrate our goal planning offering and create meaningful connections with prospects at scale. By doing this, we sought to strengthen the brand's association with long-term investing and ultimately drive new quality accounts for the business (those that meet a certain threshold for asset inflows upon opening).

Target Audience