Need to know: Fortnite

  • Total player count: 200 million plus.
  • Free to play across both mobile devices, consoles, and PC/Mac.
  • Revenue comes mainly from optional add-on purchases, such as skins or celebratory dance moves known as emotes. Customisation offers a key avenue for brands to get involved directly in the game.
  • The interest in virtual goods reflects an important shift, according to some observers, that means virtual goods can have a similar or equal cultural cachet to physical goods. This will be an important and interesting aspect to understanding Generation Z.
  • From a brand perspective, it’s important to note that the gamer community is especially sceptical of marketing, so experts recommend exploring and playing the game before starting to advertise. Aim to understand the community and game before putting out messaging.
  • 2019 will see the first Fortnite World Cup, which offers a total prize-pot of $100 million. Experts suggest that this financial weight will add credence to the idea that a gamer can be as much of a professional as any athlete.