Cross-Platform Advertising: Current Practices and Issues for the Future

Peter Neijens and Hilde Voorveld

The Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR)

Editor’s Note:

For the past six issues of the Journal of Advertising Research we have asked a series of leading academics and practitioners to offer brief commentaries. The marketing ecosystem is changing so quickly and completely that researchers are challenged to keep pace with best current practices – before those practices become yesterday's news. "Speakers Box" attempts to bridge the gap between the length of time it takes to produce work that satisfies the rigorous demands of journals such as ours and the breakneck speed of change within current business practice. In this contribution, we asked two of the leading thinkers on media strategies and implementation to discuss the implications of perhaps the most volatile piece of 21st-century marketing architecture: cross-platform advertising. As University of Amsterdam's Peter Neijens and Hilde Voorveld allow, both legacy and digital media are being reshaped and refocused through any number of shared configurations. As a result, marketing's ecosystem shows every sign of becoming significantly different than the one of today.