Guide to advertising on Snapchat

Snapchat messages typically disappear just seconds after being opened.

The question: Why is the app suddenly so attractive to marketers who, for decades, have insisted that building an impression takes time?

The answer: Dramatic growth in its audience and engagement levels – coupled with the increasing number of features provided for consumers and brands – make a strong case for Snapchat to become part of the marketing toolkit … especially when it comes to engaging young audiences.

Need to know

Snapchat does not regularly release usage statistics. But a few official figures include:

  • 110 million: its daily user base
  • 10 billion: the number of daily video views, up from eight billion in February 2016
  • 25–30 minutes: how long the average daily user spends on the app
  • 60%: the share of daily active users creating content at least once every 24 hours
  • 41%: Snapchat's reach among 18–34-year-olds in the US each day