Influencer marketing: beyond the hype

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It seems inconceivable to look back a mere decade and see how dramatically social media has impacted marketing. We have gone from innovative and cool new thing to the very foundation of marketing strategies. Marketers have never had so many opportunities to get in front of their target audiences, conversely, they have never had to work so hard to capture their attention.

The entire social media landscape has evolved from a consumer demand for authenticity. Tired of seeing traditional advertisements, designed only to sell, people gravitated toward authorities who presented them with trustworthy, authentic information. Marketers have had to catch up fast with this new reality which is founded on three fundamental principles: trust, accessibility and connections.

To date these unwavering three pillars have been achieved via a number of circuitous marketing routes, many of which have been unpredictable and often hard to quantify, giving rise to a resurgence in popularity of influencers.