Fritolay PepsiCo: 18th zone embassy

BBDO Guatemala

What were the objectives for the creative work?

Tortrix, Guatemala's most popular snack brand, has a trajectory of over 50 years1 and many generations of Guatemalans consider it an important part of their national identity2, especially the popular segment.

As a local product, its communication has been neighboring, approachable and full of local slang. It is like talking to a friend with whom you grew up with and it's always there. However, it is no longer the only brand that uses local slang in their campaigns and it has started to get lost among so much similarity in media.

Despite being found at outlets throughout the country and accessible for any Guatemalan thanks to its affordable price and nationwide distribution, Tortrix has new competition3 from younger brands with a cooler look at the same price.

Tortrix had a limited budget of US$45,000 to create its new campaign. We knew promotions and traditional campaign was not going to make a difference. We needed to get more than just creative; we needed to develop something never conducted in the category to regain that freshness and loyalty from the locals.