Campaign details

Advertiser: Ministry Of Culture Of Guatemala
Brand: Ministry Of Culture Of Guatemala
Agency: Leo Burnett Guatemala 
Country: Guatemala


Commercial Objectives:

The commercial objective of the campaign was to achieve a larger budget for the Ministry of Culture of Guatemala, in order to restore and preserve the Guatemalan cultural heritage, specifically the most significant buildings for their culture, some of them very damaged by the lack of resources. The amount of budget is determined by the Congress of the Republic. And in recent years it has been a scarce budget (0.3% - 04% of the Gross Intern Product)*, compared to the enormous historical value and tourist attraction of Guatemalan culture according to the Inter-American Development Bank (7.26% of Gross Intern Product)**.

Specific budget objective: 50 million Quetzales (Guatemalan Currency) that was the minimum amount estimated of repair cost of the main buildings that make up the cultural heritage.