Youngsters Against Violence: ScareCrooks

Ogilvy Guatemala

Advertiser: Youngsters Against Violence Organization
Brand: Youngsters Against Violence
Country: Guatemala


  1. Generate interest among young people and key media in order to contribute to the process of building a better future in Guatemala, through the fight against violence.
  2. Motivating young people to download the app at least 5,000 times and to generate 200 updates or reports.
  3. Develop a Statistical Database that enables the authorities to implement violence prevention plans.
  4. Achieve an increase of 500 fans at the "Espantacacos" Facebook fan page.
  5. Obtain free press at a massive reach level of at least US $ 75,000, measured as advertising value.
  6. To generate viralization in the news, aimed at recruiting new members for the Youth Against Violence program (JCLV).