Campaign details

Brand: Coutts
Lead agency: Merkle

Campaign Overview

Coutts has offered personal service to clients for centuries but faced increasing competition and raised client expectations.

Private bankers were struggling with manual applications that hampered productivity.

A tech revolution was needed.


Coutts still prides itself on providing a world-class, personalised service to clients.

Recent trends, including increasing competition, expectations of technology and Brexit uncertainty, raised the stakes and put pressure on the team to be more productive despite having more to contend with.

To combat this, the bank decided to make its service even more personal.

A two-pronged strategy took shape. First, free up bankers' time so they could focus on their clients.

Second, unlock the power of advanced analytics & AI for the customer team. This meant creating a decisioning solution that understood clients almost as well as the private bankers did. It wasn't about replacing the team but making them even more effective, by altering perceptions of AI.