New faces, new roles, new ways, a new Latin America: The complex environment of a changing population

Luis Woldenberg Karakowsky and Delores Sánchez
NODO Investigación + Estrategia, Mexico


We are immersed in a world thrown into confusion and multiple crises (economic, social, political, of values, environmental, et al) that impact Latin America, generating a new social configuration. We find ourselves facing new segments that require us to rethink concepts, products, and styles of communication, for example, young people with little hope of finding a job, empowered women, an ever-increasing number of senior citizens, new health requirements that must be met, and so on.

Sadly, we notice that many brand managers are still operating under hypotheses that – even if they were true back in the 1990s or even five years ago – are no longer valid. The new social configuration has generated a consumer that is more caustic, critical, demanding and, above all, less loyal. These new people are exposed to a much larger media spectrum but this is done in a less focused way and not in depth. Alternatively, these are people who establish a larger number of contacts and relations on the social networks but whose interpersonal communication is poorer each day.