Just how marketers can entrench their brand in the minds of consumers has long been a topic of debate. With scientific and technological developments constantly emerging, neuroscientific research is providing entirely new perspectives to marketers on the true effectiveness of their campaigns - and turning some of the long-held truths of advertising on their head in the process.

Emeritus Professor Richard Silberstein, who is the founder of consultancy Neuro-Insight, has authored more than 200 papers over 30 years in cognitive neuroscience research.

His advice to marketers? It's time for brands to think beyond art and embrace science: Long-term memory encoding in a consumer at the time of branding or a key message in an ad is one of the most powerful indicators of future commercial actions, such as a purchase.

Silberstein explained how long-term memory encoding is linked to effective advertising – and what brands need to consider when developing their creative - at the Mumbrella360 event in Sydney recently.

The science of long-term memory