Schroders is a multinational asset management company operating in 29 countries. They provide investment solutions to institutions, intermediaries, high net worth individuals, and charities.

Investment managers typically conduct marketing via intermediaries, such as financial advisors, who review available products and advise their clients. However, Schroders' research indicated that private investors were becoming more self-directed. Consequently Schroders adjusted their marketing strategy to connect with private investors more directly, whilst maintaining their relationships with intermediaries, who remain the core client base.

After workshops with international marketing teams, Schroders chose to produce an investment education and behavioural finance platform. Although investor education and information about behavioural finance are available, no asset manager had integrated the two, allowing Schroders to offer a new approach to investor support. The platform would demonstrate that Schroders offer more than just financial products, thus supporting the brand and their strategic intermediary partnerships.

The brief