System1 – Unlocking Proftable Growth, by John Kearon, Orlando Wood and Tom Ewing, builds on Daniel Kahneman's seminal work by showing how it can be applied to drive proftable growth and bridges the chasm between consumer research and creative development.

Most of our decisions are instinctive and fast (categorised as System 1), while only a few are slow and considered (System 2). Conventional wisdom wrongly suggests that persuasion (which falls under System 2) drives consumer choice-making. This book argues for a System 1 world, which changes everything for marketers.

Central ideas and arguments

The book uses decision-making heuristics to illustrate how past experiences enable us to make quicker instinctive decisions; how positive feelings simplify our decision-making; and how pattern recognition guides us in new situations. Consequently, key goals for marketers include building familiarity, creating positive emotions and making things easy to process (fluency). Our brains love all three and will pay more as a result. These core principles are then applied to innovation, advertising, brands and shoppers.