In an exclusive interview with WARC, Unilever’s outgoing Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Keith Weed, reflects on 35 years in marketing, new business models, Unilever’s localisation strategy, the power of sustainability, and trends shaping the future of FMCG.

In part one, Weed reveals the Unilever campaign he is most proud of, how failure can be helpful, and the lessons from a product launch which wasn’t the expected success.

In part three, Weed shares the secret to successful localisation of brand purpose, and why sustainability has to be more than a brand message.

Read part two below.

In 35 years as a marketer at Unilever, the multinational FMCG giant and one of the world’s most prolific advertisers, Keith Weed has been at the forefront of the marketing industry amid its many changes. As purchase behaviours have changed in the online era, Unilever has also been forced to adapt to the new realities of the market.