Marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

A special series on responding to and rebounding from the COVID-19 crunch.

The WARC Guide to Marketing in the COVID-19 recession

  • The COVID-19 recession: What we know so far
  • Planning for the recovery
  • Early lessons from China
  • Finding opportunity and growth

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Planning for a recession

Eight recession proofing tips to survive and thrive in a COVID-19-induced downturn and beyond

Author Remona Duquesne

Eight actions marketers can take to protect their brands during the current recession.

The consumer and business impact

What happens if brands cut their advertising spend due to COVID-19?

Author Stephen Whiteside

Kantar, the research firm, has conducted various studies that help map out the results from increasing, maintaining or decreasing adspend at a time of crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building a COVID-19 strategy

Five ways Unilever is adapting in the COVID-19 era

Author Anna Hamill

The global FMCG company is navigating the short-term COVID-19 crunch while looking ahead to new consumer behaviours and the benefits of faster consumer insights.

Data Points on the COVID-19 crisis

Two in five Americans will only feel comfortable outside in over six months

Author Rob Clapp

An overview of when consumers in the United States expect to feel comfortable doing out-of-home activities in the face of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Adapting the marketing function

Reframing 2020 as China springs back from COVID-19

Author Chris Baker

China might just be the best chance global companies have for any growth in 2020; brands that want to thrive post-recovery need to quickly connect with customers to understand their ‘new normals’.

Changes to media plans and adspend

Cleaning up with TV in lockdown

Author Matt Hill

Television advertisers are gaining enlarged audiences at reduced prices, writes Matt Hill, Thinkbox’s Research and Planning Director.

Adapting creative communications

Finding the right tone of voice during the coronavirus crisis

Author Robert Heeg

Brands are searching for the right way to connect with locked-down audiences.

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